Da: Helina Amira
Oggetto: Investment

Corpo del messaggio:
Hello Dear, 
As-salamu alaykum
My name is Helina Amira Al-Wakum from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I am 25 years of Age, 
I have a very important business proposal that will be for our both interests. 
I want you to discuss with Davis Guzman Lawfirm on  this WhatsApp +12092482346 so that he can explain the whole business transaction to you. 
I cannot say everything here. It’s about 50.5 M capital ready for investment. 
Kindly get back to me if you’re interested and need details.
Reach me on helina@helasaud.live or he945101@gmail.com.
Best Regards, 
Helina Amira 
Saudi Arabia

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